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Energy decisions are made every day Understanding your current energy consumption and your current cost of energy is part of making an informed energy decision. This information will help you explore how your energy is currently used and the current price you pay.


We are constantly striving to balance comfort, convenience and cost. The more you know, the better decisions you can make.

Did you know?

Our homes are a major source of energy use in the U.S.
Almost ¼ of all energy consumption in the U.S. is from residential use. The other categories are commercial, industrial, and transportation use.

Tennessee households pay more per month than the national average.
In 2013, the average monthly electric bill for American households was $110.20, and in Tennessee it was $124.25.

The average household in 2012 spent 2.7% of their income on home energy bills.
However, the percentage of expenditures for home energy varies across income levels. For household in the lowest 20% of income, energy bills average 6% of total expenses, while for those in the highest 20% of income, energy bills average only 3% of total expenditures.

There are many ways to save energy and money in your home.

Understand the types of energy you use and how you use it. (E3A: Understanding Energy)


Manage your energy use in your home
(E3A: Energy Management for Home)

The Energy Pyramid


Air Sealing

Net Metering Electrical Energy Generators


Gas Appliances

Off-Grid Living


Home Insulation Choices

Green Building Programs


Indoor Air Quality

Understand Energy Consumption & Expenses


Insulating Side Walls

Sources and Uses of U.S. Energy


Mobile Homes

Carbon & Energy in the U.S.


Saving Energy

Importance Scale


Storm Windows



Top Ten Tips



Water Heater Energy Saving



Carbon Monoxide



Energy Efficient Lighting



Attic and Ceiling Insulation





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Energy Saving Tips
Investing in an energy-efficient product may save you money in the long run.